Fortune Cookie
Anything and Everything about Fortune Cookie
The companies that manufactures and distributes fortune cookies.
  Name Address (Phone)
Fortune Cookie Factory Inc. Fortune Cookie Factory, Inc. National City, IL 62071 (888-710-5168)
Winfar Foods Inc. Winfar Foods Inc. 3949 S. Keeler Ave Chicago, IL 60632
Asian Foods, Inc. Asian Foods, Inc. (Distributor) St. Paul, MN 55117
Wonton Food Inc. Wonton Food Inc. Brooklyn, NY 11206
King's Pastry Products King's Pastry Products Mississauga, Ontario, L5R 3L8, Canada
Wing's Food Products Wing's Food Products 50 Torlake Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 1B8, Canada
Kari-Out Co. Kari-Out Company 399 Knollwood Road Suite 309, White Plains, NY 10603
Mass Production of Fortune Cookie (Video from a TV Show "How It's Made")