Fortune Cookie
Anything and Everything about Fortune Cookie
Make your own fortune cookie.
Recipe from 93 calories each , yield about 9, preparation + cooking time = 30 minutes
Recipe from 53 calories each, yield about 36, preparation + cooking time = 25 minutes
Recipe from wikiHow Direction with step-by-step pictures.
Recipe by Gale Gand (Food Network) Yield about 20, preparation + cooking time = 24 minutes
Recipes from Fancy Fortune Cookies Five fortune cookie recipes by fortune cookie store, Fancy Fortune Cookies.
Recipe from The School Bell Recipe of fortune cookie factory in San Francisco.
Gluten-Free R ecipe from wikiHow Gluten-free recipe using cornstarch.
Gluten-Free Recipe by Nicole Hunn Gluten-free recipe from Glueten-Free on a Shoestring (using gluten free flour).
Vegan Recipe from Veganacious Vegan recipe using flax meal and vegan butter.
Vegan Recipe from Vegan Eats & Treats Vegan recipe using egg replacer.
How to Make Fortune Cookies Tips on how to make fortune cookies.
Recipe with How-To Video